Bromley Green Party members are active in the community in many ways. Here is an update from Ann Garrett

'Remember Fukushima' March, in London. Some of the young marchers in costume.

‘Remember Fukushima’ March, in London. Some of the young marchers in costume.

Photos of March 9th ‘Remember Fukushima’ march and rally now posted on the Bromley website.

Our banner was at Aldermarston April Fool’s Day rally against Trident where Natalie Bennett and Kate Hudson spoke.
Preparations in are progress for Penge Festival stall on May 18th. We’re also having a stall in Bromley on April 27th and will be supporting the Bromley and Beckenham CND Chernobyl Day stall on April 26th.
One of our members is investigating the possibility of forming a GP youth section in the 2 boroughs.
We helped with the new Greenpeace  ‘I Love the Arctic’ campaign on March 30th and Friends of the Earth ‘Make it Better’ [ anti rainforest destruction ] and bees campaigns stall on March 16th.
Press release on the bedroom tax –  being prepared by our press officer.
Attended SOLH [  Save Our Local Hospitals ] meeting on April 9th [ focus on the CCGs ] and Women’s Solidarity Iraq conference at the Bolivar Hall on April 5th.
Continuing to support Bromley TUC , Cuts Concern group meetings [ local fire fighters and rail staff safety campaigns ] local Income Equality Trust campaign + Civic Society meetings [ objected to new planning application for 5 cafes in Queens Gardens, Bromley ]. + new Palestine Solidarity group [ boycotting of Israeli products campaign].
Date of next meeting – May 13th at 29 Nightingale Lane, Bromley at 7.30 pmImage
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Ann Garrett’s letter on Nuclear Trains to the Bromley Press

Dear Editor,
The Green Party which has a strong anti- nuclear policy, is extremely concerned that nuclear waste trains are continuing to travel from Dungeness through Bromley borough stations such as Bromley South and Shortlands on their way to Sellafield, very close to people’s homes. As well as the flasks emitting low level radiation, there always remains the danger of an accident, which could cause highly radioactive leaks into the atmosphere.
The Government needs to follow the example of Germany which is phasing out nuclear power and investing in renewable energies. This would also stimulate the jobs market and create work for the many unemployed.
The meltdowns at Chernobyl and Fukushima and the problems of the safe burial of nuclear waste are examples of how dangerous the whole situation is. We are leaving a lethal legacy for future generations.
Ann Garrett
[ Green Party by-election candidate for Bromley Town ward ]
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Bromley Cuts

The cuts that Bromley Council is proposing go deep into care for children and the elderly, say members of Bromley and Bexley Green Party.
Libraries in Penge and Anerley under threat, Sure-start centres and Youth Centre closures and changes to Biggin Hill Airport were topics under discussion at their recent meeting. Ann Garrett, Senior Lecturer and Campaigner in Beckenham said; ‘These cuts will hurt the future of our young people. Removing the Education Maintenance Allowance will mean they will not stay in College, or face the possible £27,000 fees for University. Closing Libraries in the higher-density areas of the Borough does not support learning for life.’
Bromley & Chislehurst campaigner Roisin Robertson said; ‘Many reports say single mothers will be hurt hardest by changes to Housing Benefits and changes to Council rents. There is a danger that many will lose public sector jobs and have to rely solely on benefits, potentially putting children below the poverty line. Closure of most of the youth facilities in the Borough will seriously affect how our young adults spend their free time.’
Tamara Galloway, Orpington campaigner, said: ‘Residents are worried about Biggin Hill’s programme of expansion for the Olympics. Longer opening hours and changes to the way passengers pay could put pressure on our transport systems and damage our health. We want a firm assurance that after the Olympics flight times and numbers of aircraft return to their present state.
‘I’m also extremely concerned about lessening expenditure to prevent teenage pregnancy, and reducing grants to owner-occupiers to enable them to remain in their own homes. Both of these cuts will lead to much greater costs in future, and so are directly contrary to Bromley’s own ‘Invest to Save’ principle.’

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Brian Haw the Peace activist who set up camp in Parliament Square, and who beat new legislation to disrupt his protest, died recently.

Brian Haw has been an inspiration to many, from his one-man protest in Parliament Square in 2001 to his untimely death, of cancer, at the age of 62 earlier this year. Please visit his website at to find out a full history of activism and peace,

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Bromley Green Party update

Bromley Greens have been active with local events – challenging Bromley Council budget cuts, which will withdraw services from Bromley’s vulnerable sectors, including Young people, Nursery years and council-supplied services to the elderly which will be run by an agency.

Members supported the Bromley Cuts Concern movement, which led protests in the High Street and at decision-making council meetings.

Biggin Hill Airport and it’s bid to expand hours and changes to include fare-paying passengers for the Olympics, received a resounding chorus of ‘No’ to any expansion, at a recent meeting organised by Bromley Council.

Support for development for the Studio – a building in Beckenham given to the people for an Arts and Crafts centre and educational use – has been on-going, however restoration costs, planning permissions and suitability of tenants, has stalled the process.

Bromley Town Centre Development plans include 14 sites within the town centre area, and include building behind Bromley North station, retail and housing development on the west side of the High Street, at Bromley South replacing the present Westmoreland Road car Park. Full details are available at Bromley Council’s website.

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